Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to the mountains

One week and we  are moving back to the mountains!

I cant wait, i am really excited.There are boxes everywhere it is a bit of a chaos but so far everything is  still under control.

Because we are moving to a much smaller space ( with extension possibilities  for the future  ) we had to sell a lot of our furniture's that I was attached to.My beloved dining table , the children's beds ( had to buy them a bunk bed)and much more…..but we are going back to a place that we love  and were we want  our children  to grow  up.

Didn't do much of creativity lately,possible I had no inspiration in the place were I am living now, I believe for people to be creative they have to be somewhere that inspires them to be so.Hopefully I will get my inspiration back!  

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umi said...

hi laura, where ae you moving back to? we used to live in blackheath and i can't believe how much happie i am in the city! isn't it funny what suits different people?

i found you through debbie h, a good friend of mine.

happy packing!

xx tali