Thursday, 10 September 2015

Distinct Properties of Fire Opal Stone

There are two categories of opals - common and precious. The Precious opals are composed of three groups: white, black, and fire opal. The Opal contains the colors of all other stones. It can be charged with every type of energy for use in magic spells. Opals have been carried for invisibility. They are also a protection stone used during astral projection.
Many jewelry items are made using this stone. People are very crazy about the jewelries which are made up of fire opal stone. Most demanding jewelry for women is fire opal necklaces.

Physical Properties:
The composition of Fire Opal, much like in the case of other types of Opal, is amorphous silica mixed with a relatively large percentage of water. Therefore, its chemical formula is SiO2n (H2O). The color of this stone comes from traces of iron oxide. It can be yellow, orange or fire-red. The hardness of Fire opal is in-between 5.5 to 6.5.
The tolerance of Fire Opal to heat, acid or alkaline environment is weak. It is also very unfavorable if this stone is forced to give over all its moisture, for example by exposing it to excessive light or heat, as it will become cloudy and will crack. Opal likes to be worn because it enables keeping the water content balanced via the contact with the skin or taking moisture from the air. 

Healing Properties:
It can range in color from yellow, through orange to red. It is named for its color and not for any flashes of fire within it. This stone is an excellent crystal for business of different accessories like fire opal necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets and many more. It is said to draw in money, smooth the path of change and to encourage progress. It is also said to enhance personal power, to awaken your inner fire and to revitalize and re-energize your mind and body. It is believed to protect against danger and to be an energy amplifier.

Meta-Physical Properties:

The metaphysical properties of Fire Opal are related to loyalty and trust. Because of the interplay of colors and light, Fire Opal is considered a stone of magical powers. This crystal helps improve sight, protects from contagious diseases, and eases the pain that originates from grief and sorrow. 

Fire opal symbolizes magic, love, progress, hope, happiness and truth. This stone will increase your personal power and can protect you from harm and danger. A popular belief holds that it fades near poison. This stone should be discharged frequently under running water. Prolonged sun exposure should be avoided.