Monday, 1 February 2016

How to Make Different Types of Jewelry with Healing Crystals?

Many New Age belief systems hold that crystals can be used to heal mental, physical and spiritual problems. Like other religious beliefs, the power of crystals has not been proven by science, but it does seem meaningful to those who practice it. Whether crystals have innate power or not, a healing Crystal Heart Necklace, earring or other piece of jewelry can be a powerful tool for focusing your mind on healing a problem in your life.

Select a type of crystal that represents the healing you need. Opinions differ on what crystals represent what type of healing, so use something that makes sense to you. Create a ritual to cleanse your crystal or crystals. Some people like to gently rinse the crystals in water from the tap or rainwater. Others burn sage or another incense and visualize the smoke cleaning and preparing the crystals. What's important is that it is significant to you.

Charge your crystals according to your beliefs. You can hold them in your hands and visualize them filling up with healing power, leave them under your pillow for a week, put them on the windowsill in front of the full moon, or perform any other ritual you believe in.

Decide where to wear the Om Necklace made up of crystals. If you wish to charge a particular chakra, for example, you may want to use a necklace long enough to reach that spot. You also could wear crystals in a belt to address lower chakra issues or on a pin, a hat or an earring to address crown and third eye issues.

Mount your jewelry. The easiest way to mount a crystal is to wrap it in metal wire. Wrap a piece of wire tightly around the crystal several times to hold it in place. Then make a loop in the wire. You now have a crystal pendant, which you can hang on an earring post, chain or cord. Once you have some idea of what your beloved would prefer, you can then go the right site and select the perfect necklace. Yet, even if any of the Crystal Heart Necklaces is not the perfect match, it will still express how you truly feel about your mother, girlfriend or your wife.

Discover the Different Metals Used in Matching Wedding Band Sets

The endless circle of love's symbol, the gold or Diamond Stud Earring, wedding band, Bangles and many more can be made of the metal of your choice. However, there are some things that you need to know about each metal before making your final decision on your matching jewelry set.  
Here are the pros and cons of the different metals used in Several Jewelries:
  • Yellow Gold - Yellow gold is the most commonly used metal for wedding jewelry that includes Rose Gold Plated Bangle, designed necklaces and earring set. Being that gold is already a soft metal, it is important to pay attention to the carats. Twenty-four carat jewelry is too soft, so eighteen carat gold tends to be the most popular. However, you also have fourteen carat and ten carat gold. Ten carat can tarnish because gold is usually mixed with copper, bismuth, and tin to make it harder. Depending on the softness, yellow gold can scratch easily.
  • White Gold - Both white gold and yellow gold tend to be the most affordable. Just like yellow gold, white gold comes in carats as well where the higher the carat the more durable the metal. And where a lower carat of white gold may have yellowing issues, white gold does not. Because white gold is a mix of yellow gold and white metals, the durability will depend on the metals used.
  • Platinum - Many gold bands have platinum settings so that the prongs will not break if snagged or hit. They bend instead. Platinum is recommended when you want to have a delicate setting style in the sides of a ring or on top of a wedding band. A disadvantage is that platinum is heavier than gold, but will hold up better in many cases and also can be more expensive than gold.
  • Sterling Silver - Sterling silver is more affordable, but shows more wear and tear over time. It can look great, but you have to be wary of how it is treated. If you use your hands in rough situations, the ring may wear out quicker.
  • Diamonds: These are the precious stones that are all viewed as valuable items, which will never likely be useless. Truth be told, a large number of these products are prone to build in value over time, and could conceivably be a good investment or inflation fence. It is significantly trendier to make investment other jewelry like Diamond Stud Earring, rings, nose rings and many more than in stocks, as you cannot wear and flaunt your stocks.

Some Fashion Tips to Grab the Attention of Unique Pieces of Jewelry

Selecting the Perfect One:
When it comes to choosing the perfect fashion necklaces there are many women struggle with which ones to buy. One thing to keep in mind about fashion necklaces is that they are not always about the style that they can give you, but the mood you are in when you put these necklaces on is also something that is important. Some days you might wake up and find that a nice strand of pearls is what you are in the mood to wear for the day. Nowadays many women are fond of wearing Lucky Elephant Necklace which is lucky as per their belief. Other days it will be the layers of gold chains that will get you started off with a good feeling.

Wearing the One According to Mood:
One thing that is great about wearing the right necklace is that it has the ability to provide anyone who has an ordinary appearance a very stylish look like Chinese Strength Necklace.  There are some things to consider when looking at fashion necklaces, if you want to choose the best looking ones. For instance, you will want to know how long a strand of pearls should be if you are planning on wearing them. You will also want to know how large the diamonds in your necklace should be if you plan on wearing any around your neck. This is important information that could help you to avoid making fashion mistakes that are very easy to make.

Some Fashion Tips:
If you are going to be buying any type of fashion necklaces then make sure to keep these tips in mind. Remember, it is important to have a few different styles and types of necklaces in your jewelry box so that you will always have one to suit the mood you are in when you wake up in the morning. Also, make sure to get the tips that will help you to know the best length to buy and the right size gemstones to choose. These are very important factors that will play a huge role in the decision you make about the necklaces you are going to put wear each day depending upon your luck and that is followed by Lucky Elephant Necklace. Once you get all of the fashion tips on your mind and information you need, you will be able to choose some of the most stylish neck jewelry available. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Distinguishing Several Features of Crystal Heart Necklace

Unlike the solid metal heart long used in many pendants, the open Crystal Heart Necklace features a heart shaped border around an airy and empty space. An online search for such a pendant reveals a predominance of silver chains and silver hearts. Still, that does not mean that a customer could not ask a jeweler to make a similar piece using yellow gold, white gold or even raised gold.  Any of those metals could be used to fashion an eye catching accessory with the desired open look.

Features of Crystal Necklace:
·   Now the material used to make the open heart necklace can certainly be one of its more distinctive features. However, the introduction of a gold pendant and Chinese Strength Necklace does not represent the only way to make this accessory appear truly unique. That pendant can contain a gemstone in its tip. It can even be covered in diamonds or other gems.
·   The introduction of sparkling stones can take place in three different ways. The sparkling objects can fill every section of the metal border, in which case the jeweler might choose to use gems with contrasting colors, such as black and white diamonds.
·    Alternatively, a gem or even a pearl could be placed in a solid section at the heart's bottom tip.
·   The third possibility concerns the creation of an adaptation. In this particular adaptation the jeweler hangs a crystal with the heart's distinctive shape at the end of a chain.
·    Now this piece has been classed as an open item because of the position taken by that crystal object. That object is placed at the top of an open metal loop.

Perhaps in the future some jeweler will find yet another way to make an entire series of distinctive pendants. He or she may find a way to put a tiny photograph inside the metal border and effectively create a new product rivaling the standard gold or silver Crystal heart Necklace. Then each pendant's wearer could select the picture that you wanted to have surrounded by the curved line of silver or gold.  

Monday, 28 December 2015

Distinguishing Features of Necklaces with its Traditions

Very rare collection of handmade woven jewelry with unique designs, meaningful patterns and vibrant colors is made available right here at your fingertips. It is not only the colors chosen but the surprising combination of colors used in creating the unique patterns that makes it interesting. The fabric jewelry line is of distinctive style and unusual shapes with ethnic fashion, which reflects the dynamic and vibrant strength of modern and contemporary jewelry as Chinese Strength Necklace. This is where tradition and modernity, simplicity and sophistication joint force.

Understanding the Traditional Artists:
The design is inspired by Chinese ethnic values, and each piece has meaning of its own whether it is for health, fortune, wisdom, protection or spiritual powers and wellbeing. Whether designing a mansion or an ornament, artists express their emotions and outline their experiences through their work. And thus, they give their creations in distinguished style and personalities. As a piece of vivid art work, it speaks to you and enriches your life. Wearing it, you are to incorporate your insights and give new meaning to that piece of jewelry.

Creative Source of Inspiration:
Crystal heart Necklaces are created from quartz, which would make them a translucent white color. There are also designs in amethyst and citrine that create interesting additions to any chain or leather thong they are attached to. The crystal bead necklace is made from beads that are generally very colorful in appearance. In contrast, vintage crystal necklace designs can be very ornate and embellished with other types of gems and filigree patterns. These vintage designs can be found at some thrift stores or at auction sites.

Reasons to Choose Chinese Symbol Jewelry: 
There are several reasons why you may decide upon a piece of Chinese symbol jewelry. One of the most common is to select a piece designed, to reflect the need, to indicate a specific trait you wish to convey or emulate. As a result, you may wear characters symbolizing abstract notions. These include love, peace, strength, faith, harmony, truth and similar concepts. You can convey these ideas or beliefs in a variety of metals, using different styles of chains to support them. You may be happy with a standard and very classic Chinese Strength Necklace as a venue for your Chinese symbol. You can also opt for other types of personalized jewelry including earrings, bracelets, key chains or even rings. 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Collection of Jewelries: Its Availability and Match-Making with Each Other

Collection of Jewelries in Women:
When women starts collecting jewelries then, they begins with a few selected items like rings, bracelets, necklaces and the Rose Gold Plated Bangle. After many years further, that collection will extend. For every woman they should be thankful to the functions like birthdays, anniversaries and several occasions which come every single year. If you want to kick start your collection, check out the clearance sections of some finest jewelry makers. You will definitely find some good jewelry in good prices. And, you may find yourself trying something new - all in pursuit of a bargain.

You should look for a spot of color in the clearance section that you don’t wear often or you have never tried that. Better don’t go for the type that you have already in your collection like traditional rings in engagement or wedding, heavy necklaces in reception and many more.

Availability in Stores and Market:
The rose gold plated jewelry is very rare in the market and they are set with pink amethyst and pink tourmaline. You can buy from your professional jewelry maker, which will be affordable. Silver and gold chains are classic necklaces that every collection should include, but when shopping the clearance racks, look for some fun pieces, like beaded necklaces, which can bring some color up around your face.    
These are some of the most popular types of bangle in many stores. You should always buy a bangle that fits you perfectly and should be comfortable for you. If you are buying a clasp-less bangle, you should ensure that it is large enough and can easily slide through your closed hand when you put it on. Through online you can find various types and different colors of bangles for you. 

Finding a Perfect Match:
For a beautiful wear and for daily-use kind of jewelries, consider a Rose Gold Plated Bangle which is beaded and set in sterling silver. With that the beautiful blue lapis necklace will work well with a business suit or with blue jeans on a dress down day. Part of the Celebrate Gems Collection, this necklace features 32 bead-shaped 10 mm lapis beads and one 12 mm blue lapis bead at the center of the necklace. Interspersed are eight silver beads. The necklace is secured with a lobster claw clasp, which includes a two-inch extender. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


diamond stud earring

Buying a diamond stud earring is what a person can go for while making a choice and diamond is the best gift to make your loved ones happy as it is the most popular jewelry item. They are considered to be the women’s best friend. Diamonds are worn in different forms and varieties like earring, necklace, bangles etc. there are things that need to be considered while choosing a pair of diamond stud earring.

  •           Planning for budget before buying for diamond.
  •          After deciding for budget then go for the metal you want for earring.
  •          Next decide what type of diamond stud you want.
  •          Make sure the earring will not distort the look of the earlobe.
  •          Last check the quality of the diamond earring

There are many styles that are available some look bulkier while other looks dainty. It is logical to ensure the size of the earring the person wears suits it. There are people who have undergone allergic reaction when wearing certain metals in their ears. Henceforth, people having such kind of problem should prefer diamond because diamonds are not harmful for the body.

Diamond stud earrings are adequate to attract people. Especially on women with shorter hair-styles diamond stud earring looks great on them. These studs do not disturb or distract you while you are on the work or you are sleeping. There are many exquisite designs of diamond earring available in the market that will fit your distinct personality and choice. For a woman who wants to acquire a fashionable piece there is no dearth of options. Diamond earring is also available online and woman can choose from online and get delivered in the comfort of her own home. They are elegant, convenient and the best thing is diamond describes a women’s beauty.